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Product Spotlight – Vital Wheat Gluten

11 May 2020

Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital Wheat Gluten is amazing stuff! It is the primary ingredient used to make seitan, and as vegans, we know that seitan is a great meat alternative, providing a high source of protein. Vegans can sometimes find themselves lacking in protein, and to ensure you have a well-balanced amino acid profile, making seitan with your own Vital Wheat Gluten, which you can find here at Vegan Street, is a great option when combined with beans. It is also ideal for those who have soy allergies.

The Vital Wheat Gluten is the naturally occurring protein found in wheat and is made by hydrating wheat flour to activate the gluten. Once this occurs, the product is then processed to remove everything except the gluten, which is then dried and ground back into a powdered form.

When making seitan, you will add water to the Vital Wheat Gluten and this creates a very sticky substance which you can form into burger type patties, sausages, schnitzels, strips and more. It can be flavoured and cooked in any way you like, making it very versatile.

Vital Wheat Gluten can also be added to bread recipes, as it creates texture and structure. For those of you who are Keto and vegan, the gluten is low in carbohydrates and can help to give the necessary structure to baked goods which use almond and coconut flour.

With good nutrients including Iron and Selenium, Vital Wheat Gluten is an ideal way to make your own delicious, protein rich meals at home.

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