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Chickpea Flour (400g) By Vegan Street

Non-GMO Chickpea flour from Vegan Street is a perfect substitute to wheat flour if you are on a gluten-free diet or you if you are allergic to gluten. While being gluten-free, chickpea flour is also high in protein and vitamins.


Healthy substitute: Chickpea flour is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, and also high in fibre and vegan protein.


Chickpea flour is the perfect replacement: Chickpea flour is well known among vegans for being perfect for preparing omelettes and other recipes that require eggs, thanks to its similar consistency.

R 39,95

Kale Bunch By Vegan Street

Kale has become well known in the health communities around the world for it's numerous benifits. Kale is packed full of vitamins and minerals to feed your vegan diet.


Source of vitamins and minerals. Kale is known to be high in vitamin A, C, K and fiber, as well as being an antioxidant.


A thousand delicious ways to eat it. Whether in salad, cooked, baked or added to soup, it is a very versatile leaf and can be used raw in salads, or baked to to make delicious crunchy chips or combined with other vegetables to make a powerful health smoothy.

R 18,99

Soya Beans (400g) By Vegan Street

GMO Free Soya Beans
R 43,99

Black Beans (400g) By Vegan Street

GMO Free Dry Black Beans from Vegan Street is a staple in any vegan diet. Black beans are packed with vegan protein and healthy fiber. In addition the iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc in black beans all contribute to building and maintaining bone structure and strength.


Ingredients: Black Beans

R 41,95

Black Eyed Beans (400g) By Vegan Street

GMO Free Dry Black Eyed Peas
R 35,95

Brown Lentils (400g) By Vegan Street

GMO-Free Brown lentils from Vegan Street are a vegan food classic, and highly recommended in any vegan diet as it offers more vegan protein per cup when compared to all other legumes and beans (excluding edamame).


Easy to prepare: In just 25 minutes you can have a basic lentil dish ready to fill your body with vitality. They are tender and perfectly absorb all the flavours of spices and condiments. Lentils are also the base for dishes like vegan hamburgers, and is one of the best substitutes for animal protein in just about any dish.


They are the healthy choice: Lentils are high in folate, iron and vegan protein, and are also low in calories. They are packed full of health-promoting polyphenols and some studies show that brown lentils reduce several heart disease risk factors.

R 30,99

Bulgur Wheat - 500g

500g pouch of this fiber rich cracked whole grain food.
R 25,95

Chia Seeds (400g) By Vegan Street

Chia seeds are proof that dynamite comes in small packages. High in protein, calcium, omega 3 and minerals, chia seeds are a superfood beneficial especially to plant-based diets. High levels of omega 3 also make chia key in raising HDL cholestrol levels (the good cholestrol), helping protect against heart attack and stroke.

Ingredients: non GMO Chia Seeds

R 78,99

Chickpeas (400g) By Vegan Street

It’s everybody's best bean, the loveliest of all legumes, the cherished chickpea! Our Chickpeas are the most versatile superfood to stock in your plant-based pantry. Sprinkle them into your salads, cram them in your curries, and toast them ‘til they’re crunchy. Soak them, sprout them, and blend. Explore, and experiment with Vegan Street Chickpeas.


Ingredients: non GMO Chickpeas

R 33,99

Couscous (400g) By Vegan Street

Couscous is a light, and filling staple made with ground durum wheat. You can enjoy it in hundreds of dishes - as a salad base, in bakes, or as an accompaniment to your main course. It takes just 5 minutes to prep, and is delicious when spiced with any of your favourites like turmeric, paprika, or cayenne. Couscous is a low GI staple, GMO-free and filled with goodness.


Ingredients: Whole durum wheat flour, water, & vegetable oil

R 47,99

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