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Oral Care

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Clove & Xylitol Mouthwash By Olgani

Olgani Clove & Xylitol Mouth Wash is an all natural, powder-form blend of Sea Salt with organic herbal extracts, organic essential oils and Xylitol.


Free from glycerine, emulsifiers and preservatives, these products offer a natural alternative to liquid oral rinses.  The powder quickly dissolves in warm water to form a solution used as a rinse, which helps to reach parts of the mouth that may be missed by brushing alone. Daily use will help to wash away food particles and bacteria, leaving the mouth fresh and clean. Convenient for travel.

R 65,95

Herbal Tea Tree Toothpaste by Nature Fresh

Nature Fresh mild natural toothpaste with Mint, Cloves, Aniseed and Tea Tree Oil. Popular with health conscious people for its value as a tooth nutrient, gum protector and gentle tooth cleaner.

All Oral Hygiene Products are non toxic, FLUORIDE FREE and safe to swallow.

R 48,95

Herbal Tooth Polish 100ml by Nature Fresh

Herbal Tooth Polish 100ml by Nature Fresh
R 37,19

Junior Forest Fruit Toothpaste 75ml by Nature Fresh

With Rooibos, Calendula and special NATURAL FLUORIDE (calc fluor D6) Nature Fresh Junior Toothpaste is safe for babies to swallow or use on teething rings. Aniseed helps ease griping, drooling and teething pains. Contains no mint, so can be used with Homeopathic remedies as it does not antidote them.

All Oral Hygiene Products are non toxic, FLUORIDE FREE and safe to swallow.

R 36,99

Mineral Toothpaste by Olgani

Olgani Mineral Rich Evening Toothpaste is a blend of organic Coconut Oil, Bentonite Clay, Calcium Carbonate, ionic minerals from Cal/Meg Mineralife™ with organic esssential oils of Peppermint and Tea Tree.  Naturally occurring in saliva proteins, enzymes and minerals help to remineralise tooth enamel and nourish gum tissue throughout human life.


Using it just before sleep can help to increase the amount of minerals in the saliva and enhance the natural process of remineralisation.

R 79,95

Refreshing Toothpaste By Olgani

Olgani Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste contains only natural active ingredients and has a naturally salty taste, which you may need to adapt to after the artificial sweetness of commercial toothpastes. However, customers have all remarked how they love the way this toothpaste leaves the mouth feeling exceptionally clean with a long-lasting minty freshness.

R 79,95

Sage & Spearmint Mouthwash By Olgani

Olgani Sage & Spearmint Mouth Wash is an all natural, powder-form blend of sea salt with organic herbal extracts, organic essential oils and calcium carbonate.

R 65,95

Breath Buster Mouthwash 200ml by Nature Fresh

With herbal extracts like olive leaf, tea tree oil, cloves, Aloe Ferox bitters to fight and protect against germs in mouth and throat, you cant go wrong with Nature Fresh Breath Buster Mouthwash. Also herbs to help soothe, ease pain and help with bleeding gums: green tea, calendula, liquorice root, and rooibos. Contains xylitol: a natural sweetener that helps prevent bacterial infections, tooth decay, throat pain and infections, post-nasal drip (helpful with snoring). Has become popular for preventing colds and flu, used as a gargle. Good for halitosis and gum infections. A best seller.

R 81,95

Miswak Toothpaste By Dabur

Dabur Meswak is scientifically formulated herbal toothpaste with pure extract of the Miswak plant 'Salvadore Persica', the famous 'Toothbrush Tree' used for centuries. The astringent and anti-bacterial properties of Meswak helps reduce tooth decay , fight plaque and prevent gum diseases. Miswak Herb is a rare, potent, priceless, wonder herb that delivers incredible Dental Care benefits. Dabur brings this wonder herb in the form of Incredible 'Meswak' toothpaste. Meswak toothpaste is scientifically proven to reduce tarter & plaque , fight germs & bacteria, prevent tooth decay & bad breath ensuring healthy gums & strong teeth. The product has a unique flavour that connotes freshness and can be used for complete oral care.


Herbal Toothpaste Ingredients:


  • Miswak Extract: Helps reduce Tartar & Plaque, Prevents Tooth decay, Fights Germs & Bacteria to keep Gums Healthy, eliminate Bad Breath & Ensure Strong teeth


Mantain good oral hygiene to keep all your dental problems away. Also read about the home remedies for toothache to ensure proper dental care.


Explore Dabur's other Ayurvedic products & medicines which are formulated using various effective medicinal plants as recommended by ayurveda in India.
R 53,95