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Lemon Kombucha By Zooka

Live better with Zooka's Tea of Immortality! A delicious and refreshing Kombucha flavoured with pure Lemon Juice.


For new Kombucha drinkers, this is the perfect drink. Lightly fermented with just the right touch of Lemon to quench your thirst and energise you.


Carefully brewed in small batches, with the finest ingredients, adhering to traditional Kombucha brewing practices

Brand: Zooka
R 37,50
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Cupa Souper Food - Oriental Miso Broth by Earthshine

Enjoy this delicious umami yummy instant superfood soup that is packed with the goodness of nutritious ingredients. You can make Earthshine Cupa Souper Food - Oriental Miso Broth in just two minutes. It is free from MSG and artificial yuckies, and is enriched with mmmm plant-based superfoods like wakame and mesquite.

Ingredients: Miso (Soy) (57%) (Black Beans, Soybeans, Rice, Salt, Koji Starter Culture), Mesquite, Wakame (5%), Chives (2.5%), Ginger, Kelp, Kalahari Salt, Ormus Minerals

Made in a facility that may contain soy and tree nuts

R 25,50