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Chicken, Pork & Fish

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Vegan Chicken Thick Cuts by Urban Vegan

Feeling inspired to cook tonight? How about a vegan chicken pie? Maybe a vegan chicken curry? Whatever you are feeling for, these Vegan Chicken Thick Cuts by Urban Vegan are extremely versatile and can fit into just about any vegan dish you can think of. Its chicken! Just without the cruelty!


Ingredients: Water, Wheat Protein (Gluten), Pea Flour, Onion, Garlic, Flavourings, Herbs and Spices


Allergens: Wheat Protein (Gluten). Manufactured in a factory that uses tree nuts.


R 62,35

Chick-Liks by Soya Rama

Vegan Chicken Pieces
R 58,10

Vegan Pulled Chicken by Herbi Vohr

Vegan Chicken by Herbi Vohr (pulled)
R 52,20

Vegan Pulled Pork by Herbi Vohr

Vegan Pork (Pulled)
R 52,20