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Young Jackfruit in Brine by Kapthura - 400g

Organic Jackfruit in brine
R 39,95

Burger Mix By Outcast

Outcast whole-food activated burger mix is made with activated lentils, chickpeas, herbs and spices. And obviously no fillers or junk. They are delicious between a bun, on a lettuce wrap or minced up to create a great veggie bolognese. Our burgers not only taste amazing, you also get to choose the shape and size as you form them yourself. All you need to do is add boiling water.

R 75,40

Classic Falafel Mix - Outcast

Classic Falafel Mix - Outcast
R 75,40

Crazy Falafel Mix - Outcast

Falafel Mix - Crazy (Beetroot, Cardomom, Poppy with hint of Chilli)
R 75,40

Flapjack Mix By Outcast

Outcast brings you a wholefood, nutrient rich flapjack mix, made using activated buckwheat, chickpeas, banana, dates, chia seeds and a hit of maca. They’re fluffy and delicious. Just add water and cook.


This is the real thing, a good for you, nutrient rich flapjack that has amazing taste and texture.


Ingredients: Buckwheat, Chickpeas, Dates, Banana, Chia Seeds, maca, Apple Cider Vinegarm Baking Soda

R 75,40

Canned Chopped Tomato (400g) By Di Napoli

Chopped Canned Tomatoes from Italy.


Ingredients: Chopped Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Salt, Citric Acid (Acidity Regulator)

R 18,50

Tomato Passata (720ml) By Di Napoli

Tomato Passata from Italy.


Ingredients: Tomatoes, Salt (0.3%), Citric Acid (Acidity Regulator)

R 28,99

Pappadums (Plain)

Pappadums (Plain)
R 31,95

Young Jackfruit in Brine by Chef’s Choice

Young Jackfruit in Brine (564g)
R 35,80

Organic Miso Stock Cubes By NaturGreen

Box of 8 Organic Miso Stock Cubes (84g)
R 65,99