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Chocolate Treats

A delicious delightful bundle for chocolate lovers. It includes the following products 1 x Nanuki Awesome Asteroids 1 x Cravings Amourish Bountiful Dreams Chocolate Biscuits 1 x Mylk Chocolate Coffee from Noblefield 60g 1 x Sugar Free 80% Dark Chocolate with Almonds by Afrikoa 100g 1 x Peanut Butter Bliss from Nova Chocolates 100g 1 x Hot Chocolate Powder: 25g Sachet
R 245,00

Vegan Starter Kit

All the basics in one simple order! See everything included in this awesome Vegan Starter Kit in the description lower down on the page


Included this kit are all the basics you need to get going!  If you combine this with what you most likely already have in your standard Pantry you can make meals for days.  A lot of your spices and standard pantry items are vegan by default but just remember to always check your ingredient labels


Pantry Basics
50g Nutritional Yeast
400g Lentils
400g Black Beans
400g Butter Beans
400g Chickpeas
1kg Brown Ric
1kg Basmati Rice
400g Chia Sees
100g Golden Flax Flax Seed Powder
200g Cheddar cheese
200g Mozzarella Cheese
300g Firm Tofu
Vegan Meats and Proteins
500g TVP Soya Mince
1 x 2 pack Herbi-vorh Burgers
1 x 4 pack Country Boerewors by Urban Vegan
1 x Nanuki choc pack
1 x Afrikoa Chocolate Slab


It is very important to get your vitamin B12 in as that is the one vitamin you cannot get from plants so it is best to take a supplement for this.  You can also need to include omega DHA supplements which are derived from Algae and suitable for vegans.  You can get these from most major retailers but we currently have a great special on our DHA Omega which is on the order as an optional extra


You also get a good variety of your Omegas from Hemp, Walnuts, Chia and Flax which are also stocked on this website
R 749,00

Gifts for Guys

Add a special note for your special man below and we will be sure to send the note with your gift wrapped hamper!


This Hamper Includes:


  • Santa Annas Organic Corn Chips
  • Tomato Salas by El Burro
  • Veggie Biltong By Earthshine
  • Be.Bare Shampoo and Shaving Bar
  • Wazoogles Superfood Protein Sachet/li>
  • Rude Health Snack Bar
  • Kapthura Coconut Water
  • Outcast Falafel Mix
  • Coconut Bacon by Earthshine
  • Vegan Chocolate Slab by Afrikoa
R 495,95

Gifts for Ladies

Add a special note for the special lady and we will be sure to send the note with your gift wrapped hamper!


This Hamper Includes:


  • 2 x Hot Choc Sachets
  • 1 x Wazoogles snack pack (choc bombs or cheeky monkey)
  • 1 Cocomi Coconut Chips
  • 1x Afrikoa Chocolate Slab
  • 1x Eat Real Hummus Chips
  • 1x Bake-A-Lot Yum Crackers
  • 1x Santa Anna's Organic Tortilla Chips
  • 1x 100g Mixed Nuts
  • 1x Nanuki Space Rocks
  • 1x Khoisan Organic Rooibos Tea
R 365,95

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