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Brown Lentils (400g) By Vegan Street

GMO-Free Brown lentils from Vegan Street are a vegan food classic, and highly recommended in any vegan diet as it offers more vegan protein per cup when compared to all other legumes and beans (excluding edamame).


Easy to prepare: In just 25 minutes you can have a basic lentil dish ready to fill your body with vitality. They are tender and perfectly absorb all the flavours of spices and condiments. Lentils are also the base for dishes like vegan hamburgers, and is one of the best substitutes for animal protein in just about any dish.


They are the healthy choice: Lentils are high in folate, iron and vegan protein, and are also low in calories. They are packed full of health-promoting polyphenols and some studies show that brown lentils reduce several heart disease risk factors.

Brand: Vegan Street
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Organic Extra Firm Tofu (330g) By Vegan Street

+-330g Extra Firm Tofu block


Tofu is an oriental ingredient made famous for its numerous uses. It is perfect to use in almost any dish, thanks to the perfect absorption of just about any flavour.


With Vegan Street's Extra Firm Tofu, you will be able to create numerous incredible recipes in the kitchen. The tofu can be marinated or battered, all flavours are absorbed into the tofu, delivering an impressive taste.


Healthier than meats: Tofu is one of the most popular foods in the vegan community because it's one of the most complete proteins you can get and is also a rich source of iron. Tofu is also one of the preferred foods for many women during menopause, as it is a good source of calcium and phytoestrogen.


Ingredients: Organic Soy Beans, Water


Allergens: Soy

R 49,95

Soya Mince (500g) By Vegan Street

Soya mince is a popular healthy alternative for meat as it is just as rich in protein as meat but comes with less harmful effects. Vegans and vegetarians can use soya mince to prepare dishes that traditionally include meat such as meatballs, kebabs, and burgers.


Ingredients: non-GMO Soya Flour

R 42,99

Hemp Hearts (200g) By Truefood

Truefood (dehulled hemp seeds) Hemp Hearts  are fibre-rich,  and high in healthy fats and protein. Hemp seeds are packed with omega fatty acids, which are known to fight inflammation, and their high protein content aids in lean muscle building and post workout recovery. Add these hemp hearts to just about any meal to boost its nutritional values.

R 94,35

Chickpeas (400g) By Vegan Street

It’s everybody's best bean, the loveliest of all legumes, the cherished chickpea! Our Chickpeas are the most versatile superfood to stock in your plant-based pantry. Sprinkle them into your salads, cram them in your curries, and toast them ‘til they’re crunchy. Soak them, sprout them, and blend. Explore, and experiment with Vegan Street Chickpeas.


Ingredients: non GMO Chickpeas

R 33,99