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Tempeh (Black Bean) by Boemboe

Tempeh is a classic Indonesian delicacy with origins within the Buddhist religion, it has a white-block aesthetic appearance, and is a source of vegan protein and offers various health benefits. Boemboe gives you a version of tempeh made with black bean, an excellent choice to experience more flavors in your  vegan cuisine that are not only made with soy, but equally tasty and nutritious for the body and palate.


The nutrients in black beans are even more powerful. Tempeh is produced by fermentation, therefore it is perfect for improving the intestinal flora. Additionally, thanks to fermentation, the benefits of black beans are also multiplied.


Source of responsible vegan proteins. If you want to change your diet to have more variety, Tempeh is the perfect substitute for vegan protein.


Numourous ways to use it: You can use tempeh is many different ways, it is perfect to use in just about any meal, even sandwiches and burgers.

R 56,95

Tempeh (Chickpea) by Boemboe

Chickpea Tempeh (330g)
R 56,95

Tempeh (Soybean) by Boemboe

Soybean Tempeh (350g)
R 56,95