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Black Cohosh Tincture 50ml by Nature Fresh

Black Cohosh Tincture 50ml by Nature Fresh is a hormone regulating supplement aimed at reducing the effects of menopause and easing symptoms by balancing the estrogen and progesterone in the body. The SERM or selective estrogen receptor modulator acts as a blocker, thereby boosting tamoxifen and supporting hormonal regulation.

Helps with night sweats, hot flashes, sore breasts, low cortisol, poor sleep, bloating and weight gain, headaches, osteoporosis, blood clotting, and irritability.



20% Ethenol and 50% herbal extract


The properties of the herbal tincture and general uses for hormonal conditions are listed above. All this information is based on recent research, undertaken by experts in their field. No claims are made about these supplements and we do not undertake the diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions. As with any herbal remedy, adhere to the recommended and specified dosages and please consult your doctor.

Brand: Nature Fresh
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