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Beans, Pulses & Lentils

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Canned Lentils By Di Napoli - 400G

Di Napoli Canned Lentils
R 18,50

Soya Beans - 400g

GMO Free Soya Beans
R 32,92

Black Beans (400g) By Vegan Street

GMO Free Dry Black Beans from Vegan Street is a staple in any vegan diet. Black beans are packed with vegan protein and healthy fiber. In addition the iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc in black beans all contribute to building and maintaining bone structure and strength.


Ingredients: Black Beans

R 41,95

Black Eyed Beans - 400g

GMO Free Dry Black Eyed Peas
R 27,95

Brown Lentils - 400g

GMO Free Dry Brown Lentils
R 32,48

Canned Chickpeas (400G) By Di Napoli

Di Napoli Canned Chickpeas
R 19,95

Chickpeas (400g) By Vegan Street

It’s everybody's best bean, the loveliest of all legumes, the cherished chickpea! Our Organic Chickpeas are the most versatile superfood to stock in your plant-based pantry. Sprinkle them into your salads, cram them in your curries, and toast them ‘til they’re crunchy. Soak them, sprout them, and blend. Explore, and experiment with Faithful to Nature’s Organic Chickpeas.


Ingredients: non GMO Chickpeas

R 31,95

Harricot Beans - 400g

GMO Free Dry Harricot Beans
R 29,95

Red Kidney Beans - 400g

GMO Free Dry Kidney Beans
R 39,99

Red Speckled Beans - 400g

GMO Free Dry Red Speckled Beans
R 29,99

Soya Chunks (450g) By Vegan Street

GMO Free Soya Chunks By Vegan Street is the ideal vegan meat alternative. Use Vegan Street's dry soya chunks as a vegan meat replacement in stews, curries, soups and more.
R 38,94